What if I only want one audio tour?

That’s fine, the Tour Menu page will only list what’s available at your location. 

But here's the thing; why not simply read out your display text for the exhibits that feature in the main audio tour, record them on your phone, and upload them to your FTP site? This 'Showcase Information' would then be available to visitors who are dyslexic, who can't manoeuvre their wheelchair into a suitable reading position, or who have simply left their reading glasses at home. It costs virtually nothing to do and can be set up in no time at all. Why wouldn't you do it?

Does it support multiple languages?

Yes, it does. Handsomely. Smartphonic will detect what language the phone is set to and if that option is available, it will automatically select that language choice for the audio tours. We can translate and record new guides for you, or just pass on some information about a fresh approach to audio recordings.

If you’re linking to other websites, isn’t that illegal?

You can normally get permission to set up links to other sites. We also provide a means by which you can superimpose a caption to credit the copyright holder every time you direct visitors to an external link via Smartphonic. It’s a great way to share digital resources with other content providers.

What are the hidden costs?

You may choose to provide free wi-fi, but it's not a prerequisite. We've included a QR Code scanner that's really easy to use, so Smartphonic works anywhere you can get a phone signal (indoors and outdoors). We also provide a means of creating the QR Codes, but not the printed signs or Bluetooth Beacons.

There are no equipment or maintenance costs, because visitors are using their own phones, and there's no need for you to store and distribute handsets.

You can update items within an existing tour yourself, without incurring any charge from Smartphonic. But if you'd like us to add, remove or rename tours on the Tour Menu page, then there is a small admin charge for this.

How expensive is it?

Smartphonic is the result of a collaboration between an Access Services provider and a Software Programmer. We're passionate about what we do and since we don't have the same overheads as a multi-national company, we're committed to making our app available to you at a very fair price. Remember, we’re not selling an app that’s unique to your organisation - we’re selling you a licence for an app that’s available to other museums, too. As part of the deal, we’ll customise the Tour Menu page so that when visitors use Smartphonic at your location it won’t feel like a generic app. And when they go to another physical site, Smartphonic will change this page to match the new location. So if you're part of a group of museums and galleries, each site will retain its own identity.